The children specially find allergic to milk, to sell the mixture

Babies are often misdiagnosed allergic to milk, which they do not. This is done under the influence of the manufacturers of infant formula.

The investigation of the British Medical Journal showed that kids often mistakenly diagnosed with a dairy Allergy and this is happening under the powerful pressure of milk formulas and children’s formulas. Over the past 10 years, the number of prescriptions for specific blends designed for young victims of allergies to milk, only in the UK increased by 6 times. Experts say that the only explanation for such a powerful flash of allergies to cow’s milk protein is the significant number of false positive diagnoses. Under normal conditions, the level of allergies to milk just can’t grow in children. Experts believe that false diagnoses are put under pressure from manufacturers of infant formula and formulas that derive from this direct benefit.

And this statement is hard to disagree, given that the rules of diagnosis of Allergy to milk, which guided physicians, was developed… with financial support from manufacturers of infant formula. The representatives of the business pay for the training of doctors and nurses who must determine the presence or absence of Allergy. Naturally, the objective of this training is difficult to believe. Experts stress that false-positive diagnoses of Allergy represent significant harm to children’s health because mothers fear stop feeding babies feeding.

If in 2006 the number of prescriptions for special mixtures, prescribed if you are allergic to milk, was 105 000, in 2016 it rose to 600 000 a year. The cost of purchasing these infant formula partially kompensiruet out of state, and 8 million pounds they have already grown to 60 million (READ more)