The Briton lives in cemenelum body because of incompetent doctors

10 years ago the resident of the UK grace Ndaki notice unusual symptoms, but the doctors believed her complaint is frivolous and not appointed by the surveys. Now all the internal organs of the body British women covered with scar tissue – a disease which affects the woman, makes the tissues of the body to harden.

The story of a British woman, who lives in cemenelum body, told the online edition of The Mirror. It is now known that Ndaki scleroderma is an autoimmune disease in which the body tissues lose their elasticity and harden. For the first time the disease manifested itself by the fact that women on the hands and feet fingers started to fade, to freeze and to lose mobility. From doctors, the British heard rumors that she has Raynaud’s disease, which is characterized by poor circulation in the extremities. Doctors advised her to use painkillers or to change the climate. However, they did not pay attention to another symptom of scleroderma – pain in the abdomen.

Over the next few years, the British had supported himself as best he could, doing what in her opinion could be useful. Noticing that the skin on the hands harden, Hagaki stopped using nail Polish and household cleaning products. But it couldn’t save her. Once a woman became inexplicably suffocate. When she was taken to the hospital and was examined, x-rays showed irreversible changes caused by the disease, which at that time lasted for ten years.

“Because doctors failed to diagnose scleroderma in the early stages, she struck the heart, lungs, intestines, eyes, esophagus, kidneys, and hands,” said the Briton.
Ndaki added that because of the time lost she will not help even the most advanced technology today – for example, stem cells or lung transplant. On the background of untreated scleroderma she developed other ailments such as diabetes type II diabetes, osteoarthritis and pulmonary fibrosis. Scientists explain that scleroderma is not curable, but there are techniques to slow the progression of the disease. In the history of Ndaki the doctors to whom it is addressed at the beginning of his illness, behaved uniquely incompetent.

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