Supplementation with antioxidants enhance the growth of malignant tumors

Research, held in the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) presented new evidence that dietary supplements with antioxidants can enhance the growth of malignant tumors, accelerating the development of cancer. In particular, the experiments validated the ability of such additives to accelerate the growth of melanoma.

According to lead the study authors, Christelle Le gall Beneroso, in recent years, academics have become increasingly doubtful about the ability of supplements with antioxidants to protect from cancer. It is known that antioxidants can affect free radicals – molecules that damage the body’s cells and thus causing cancer. But as the scientist noted, there is reason to believe that “antioxidants protect not only normal but also cancer cells”.

Christelle Le gall Beneroso investigated the effect antioxidantany malignant tissues of animals and humans. It was found that cells of lung cancer and melanoma both humans and animals could be activated under the influence of some antioxidants. In particular, the experiment showed that antioxidants can reach the mitochondria, responsible for the synthesis of free radicals, although the idea is binding, on the contrary, had to reduce the production of free radicals, which damage DNA.

It is noteworthy that the previous study conducted in Gothenburg, also demonstrated increased metastasis of melanoma and lung cancer by the action of antioxidants.

“Antioxidants are not a method of treatment of cancer. At best they will have no effect, but may worsen the disease. If a person has cancer, not even diagnosed, antioxidants can enhance tumor growth”, – concluded the author of the new study.
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