Sugar mannose protects against cancer

Sugar mannose is known as a substitute for glucose.Scientific specialists of the Institute of cancer research in the UK concluded that mannose can protect the body against the development of obesity, also can stop the progression of the cancer, as it increased the influence on tumor chemotherapy. About this work of scientists told the journal Nature.

During the experiments, mannose was obtained mice with a history of cancer of the pancreas, skin or lungs. It turned out that while taking this kind of sugar has dramatically increased the effectiveness of therapy: drugs led to the destruction of 10-15% and 30-50% of tumor cells.

In addition, the researchers found that mannose protects the body from the increase the cancer. As stated by researchers, “cancer Taurus are not able to digest mannose, which slows down their growth.”

Cancer cells use them to their uncontrolled growth as more nutrients. In recent years, scientists are actively searching for what nutrients to use against the cancer. Molecules of the sugar mannose, as shown by a new study that the number of such substances. So, with the appearance of mannose in culture medium of cancer cells, their growth slowed down about three times, anti-cancer drugs also increased their effect in two or three times. Scientists have found out that this was made possible due to the fact that under the influence of mannose cancer cells stopped the production of proteins that disable the genes that do not allow to reproduce the defective cells with damaged DNA.

The effect of mannose was tested on cell cultures of various types of cancer, including leukemia, osteosarcoma, ovarian cancer and intestines. This type of sugar reacted not all – some cells have continued their development and division. Researchers have to figure out why in its ability to protect against cancer of the mannose acts selectively, and how it will affect the human body.

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