Skin staph infection can be deadly

Scientists from the Center for the evolution of Milner and the University of Bath found that the skin of a person inhabits a bacterium that was previously considered harmless, but nasamom fact it can be deadly to the body. We are talking about bacteria Staphylococcus epidermidis or Staphylococcus aureus epidermal – this microorganism is able to resist antibiotics.

According to scientific experts that live on the skin of the human body bacterium Staphylococcus, aktiviziruyutsya after surgery. Getting the opportunity to penetrate into the internal organs, she relies on this opportunity. But getting into the internal organs epidermal staph can be very dangerous for their work.

For a long time Staphylococcus for physicians was used. It was believed that he was well treated. However, scientists have identified 61 the gene for increased risk of staph. These genes allow easy skin bacteria successfully proliferate in the bloodstream, evade the attack of immunity. The researchers reported that skin aureus has the ability to form biofilms that increase its resistance to antibiotics.

Comparative analysis of the stroke patients suffered from infections after fracture or joint replacement, with the biological samples of healthy people, the experts stated: harmless, it would seem that the staph infection is starting to become deadly to the human body. In their opinion, it is necessary to develop new lines of defense against bacteria, still considered harmless.

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