Russia has developed an advanced method of freezing humans after death

Based on recent data from the resuscitation, scientists believe that some stages of the death process is reversible, it provides grounds to support the theory of a possible revival of the people subjected to freezing immediately after his death. Russian scientists, as it became known, invented a new method to freeze the substance and tissues of the body after death.

According to experts, the innovation, dubbed “acoustic freezing”, opens new opportunities to revive people frozen after death. In particular, the new method was successfully tested by experts in the experiment with the worms-nematodes.

The acoustic concept of freezing is based on the opening of the Japanese inventor Norio Owada, who invented to combine the cooling process with the processing sound wave. A new method, according to the developers, is suitable for the freezing of the brains of people of this possibility, for example, do not have the currently used methods of cryonics. Until now, methods of freezing people after death meant that some of the living tissues of the body will be damaged by ice crystals, although it reduces the chances of subsequent recovery. To protect cells against the formation of ice in them, scientists have proposed the use of compounds-cryoprotectants, but these components are suitable in General for frozen tissues are not suitable for storage after death. the most important organ – the brain.

Acoustic freeze, as explained by experts, is an alternative to cryoprotectants. When a new method used in the experiments with the worms-nematodes, which are frozen and stored for two weeks, live after thawing were 95%.

At the same time there is a problem. So today, the technology to freeze people’s bodies can be carried out by strictly following the official fixation of death. But according to chief designer of the company “Acoustic freeze” Dmitry Balabolin already deceased brain freeze is pointless – freezing of the brain must be exercised during the life of this body. But subjected to freeze a living person legally impossible in the near future the legal problem that is not allowing to freeze the brain while still alive, is unlikely to be solved.

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