Rules of purification coolers in Russia has proposed to legalize

Russia has proposed at the legislative level to consolidate the rules of purification coolers – this initiative was put forward by the Russian popular front (onf). Public going to contact the CPS with the idea to legislate mandatory cleaning of coolers, placing the responsibility for compliance with this order to the heads of offices, where there are coolers.

As stated by a member of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Tatiana Kusano, coolers must be cleaned at least once every three months – pollution cooler cause serious health problems. The authors novalee believe that, by legalizing compulsory cleaning of coolers, the authorities will provide better protection of office workers from poisoning with dirty water and related diseases. Now
Russia there are no official rules governing mandatory for all the fine purification coolers.

In accordance with the initiative in Russia need to legalize as a compulsory measure, not only cleansing the cooler as such. In addition to the sanitation office water coolers, the law should be spelled out the frequency and methods of disinfection.

“If the cooler is not serviced in time, and the bottle for multiple water filling badly washed out, the walls inside the tank with cold water appear microalgae, fungi, microbes, which secrete into the water toxins,” warned Tatiana Kusano.
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