Revealed three dozen drugs, dangerous to the lungs

It turned out that nearly three dozen medications used in the treatment of arthritis, cancer and other illnesses, can significantly worsen the condition of the lungs, – it was declared by scientists from the University of Manchester (UK). The effect of these drugs (or rather, their side effects), experts compare with the effect on the lungs of tobacco and polluted air. The results of their research are presented in Journal of Clinical Medicine.

According to experts the who, by 2020, third place in the ranking of causes of mortality is lung disease, specifically COPD. In 80-90% of cases it leads to Smoking, but, as the authors of the new work, distribution of lung diseases will also be facilitated by the use of drugs.

In publishing, the scientists noted that many of the medicines prescribed today to patients, there are “serious side effects affecting the health of the lungs.” In particular, these drugs can irritate lung tissue, they cause inflammation and promote growth of connective tissue.

Data breaches in lung function due to medication, the scientists combined in the complex, which gave the name of the DIILD. They analyzed more than six thousand cases of DIILD, as described in 150 scientific publications, and found that thirty of drugs are negatively affecting the respiratory system, causing the appearance of symptoms of disorders in the lungs, typical for the DIILD.

According to them, most of the abnormalities in the lungs resulted in the medication appointed in the treatment of cancer diseases, almost half of the cases, such drugs of cancer patients harm their lungs. Also similar effects were observed among people who consumed drugs to combat rheumatism and heart disease, and among patients who were prescribed antibiotics (nitrofurantoin, and daptomycin) for the treatment of chronic bacterial infections of urogenital system.

In summary, the researchers indicated that their medication is not always caused complex lung diseases DIILD (problems with light effect in the end, the dose and duration of medication)

“We are not saying that patients should immediately stop taking them – we just stress that doctors need to be aware of side effects from the medication and track all the possible problems with the respiratory system when they are used,” – said in connection with this co-author Dr John Waterton.
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