Probiotics can help to treat osteoporosis

Supplementing with probiotics increase the amount of bones and can perform miracles for osteoporosis. To such conclusion researchers from the United States.

Popular in the world of probiotics can positively affect the volume and bone formation, as the study showed. When laboratory mice were treated with probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, which naturally exists in the body and is usually found in the intestine, it created a chain reaction, leading to the generation critical for bone development protein. Previous studies have shown that probiotics can help protect against losing bone mineral density related diseases. However, their impact on bone health remain unclear.

And now researchers from Emory University have proven that probiotics can become more accessible and widespread means of treating a variety of bone disease, including, of course, osteoporosis. To osteoporosis affects about 5 million people, the bones they become very weak and fragile. Fractures osteoporosis result the most serious effects, especially hip fractures. In 50% of cases they lead to permanentnyi disability. In women with osteoporosis, faced with femoral neck fractures, the risk of death during the year ranges from 15% to 20%, men 33%.

In most cases, patients with osteoporosis are treated not very effectively because of the side effects of drugs and their high cost. However, until recently, the mechanism of action of probiotics on bone was unknown. Speculated that they could be alternative to drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis, but it was never confirmed scientifically. And now the evidence obtained. (READ MORE)