Potatoes helps to cure hepatitis

Inspirational conclusion about the properties of the potato was made by scientists from Thompsonesque Institute in new York, who said that with the help of this vegetable can treat hepatitis. The conclusion of the healing properties of potatoes have been made by experts after the experiment on mice.

American clinicians are actively developing the technique of treatment of hepatitis with the use of potatoes. In their experiments, they genetically modified potatoes: the DNA of a vegetable was a gene that when injected into the body, “involved” a particular protein in the diseased liver. A potato was added to feed the mice. a history of hepatitis B.

Experiment with animals showed that potatoes may help treat hepatitis. In mice after its use immune system began intensively to produce antibodies against the virus.

Today, effective drugs for the treatment of hepatitis b, which would guarantee patient recovery, do not exist. Therefore, scientists ‘ interest to innovations in the field of treatment of this disease is not surprising. The authors of this study commented that they approved treatment for hepatitis potatoes “could be the first of its kind therapeutic tool to achieve healing in patients from a deadly virus”.

Hepatitis b is a widespread infectious disease of the liver. Its special danger is that the liver by the hepatitis b virus increases the risk of developing dangerous consequences, including cirrhosis and cancer. Scientists proposed a new method of treatment of hepatitis with the help of potatoes still need to go through additional checks and testing.

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