People are not able to properly assess your growth

the vast majority of cases people tend to appreciate the new friends higher than themselves – to such conclusion came scientists from three American universities, Harvard, Cornell and Yale.

The researchers found that almost all of us appreciate the new friends higher than themselves, and on the opposite side the same thing happens. According to them, often diverge in growth estimates is the reason that people refuse to build relationships.

Scientists have conducted a series of experiments. Their participants were divided into pairs who had to support a five-minute talk, typical experience. After that, the participants have expressed in conversation with scientists assessing his opponent.

These tests showed that people estimate the growth of their new friends above his own, and do not pay attention to expressing the sympathy of non-verbal signs such as gestures or facial expressions.

“People tend to overestimate their own abilities or skills, but we are always ready to doubt the skill of creating and strengthening social ties,” the researchers noted.
According to scientists, this feature forms a so-called “space of affection”, not allowing people in acquaintance to get close and interested in each other.

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