Paralyzed people will be able to use smartphones

Paralyzed people will be able to use smartphones, controlling gadgets with your mind. This herd made possible by the development of scientists at brown University (USA), developed the BrainGate neurosystem, which ensures the transmission of brain signals of a scanning of electronic devices.

Experts have created an interface that can read certain types of brain activity. Correctly interpreting them, the program sends commands via Bluetooth to the smartphone, and as a result, the gadget performs the required functions without tactile contact. This allows paralyzed people the ability to use the phone or tablet.

The experiment showed that the know-how of working successfully. Test participants from among paralyzed patients have been able to mentally send from smart phones messages, using my calculator, and did with the help of mobile devices shopping online.

“We used electrodes that capture brain activity. Obtained data is computer analyzed and sent to smartphones, simulating the actions of the wireless mouse. This development is extremely important for paralyzed people,” shared the researchers.
Earlier Magicforum wrote that the indicators of brain activity, which are scanned with EEG, could indicate early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

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