Obesity helps the body fight cancer

Obesity has repeatedly declared science major circumstance provoking the development of cancer. However, scientists from the University of California in Davis have discovered a paradoxical benefit of obesity: found out that it helps the body fight cancer. Scientists said: the fat may reduce the effect of factors that suppress the immune system, and accelerate the growth of cancerous tumors.

According to the journal Nature Medicine, experimento on mice and monkeys with obesity, the researchers noticed that the animals are in the body actively allocated the protein PD-1белок, is able to suppress cells of the immune system. Also they had high blood levels of the peptide hormone leptin that regulates energy metabolism. Oddly enough complex, these features helped the body to better perceive the treatment of cancer.

In particular, the researchers used the methodology of immunotherapy with the use of blockers of signaling pathways. It turned out that the body of animals with obesity could more effectively fight cancer, the survival rate was higher. When the experiments were repeated with the participation of 251 patients with melanoma, it has also become evident that in the presence of obesity body of people with more significant success to fight cancer.

“We do not claim that obesity allows us to give patients with cancer improved predictions, however, the presence of excess weight, apparently, reduces the influence of factors that suppress the immune system, and accelerate the development of cancer in the body” – spoke about this authors work.
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