Metmorfin with syrosingopine destroy cancer

“Cocktail” of well known doctors drugs metmorfin and syrosingopine able to destroy cancer – this assumption has already been expressed by scientists before, found confirmation in the new study, researchers from the Basel University. According to scientific experts, a combination of metmorfin with syrosingopine block energy production in cancer cells, bringing them to self-destruct.

Old drugs are often studied to identify new properties. Two years ago scientists from Basel reported that he found popular among diabetics drug metmorfin known to block the growth of cancerous tumors. Then, gioni said that metmorfin may particularly effectively destroy cancer in combination with syrosingopine known as a cure for hypertension.

New job scientific experts confirmed that the combination of these drugs can bring cancerous tumors to self-destruct, not allowing them to obtain food for their growth.

Scientists make no mistake: cancer is characterized by high energy demand, and impaired energy production becomes a killer of the tumor process. They found that as a result of joint actions of metmorfin and syrosingopine cancer cells almost completely lose the ability to produce molecules ABOVE , which are a key element of energy processes in them. As a result of cancer no longer stand to be cleaned from residues of the processing of glucose used for growth, ultimately, their life stops.

The researchers hope that their use of metmorfin with syrosingopine in Oncology will start in the coming years.

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