From sleep apnea and snoring can relieve leptin

Studies in mice the experiments of scientists from the school of medicine at Johns Hopkins University (USA) showed that leptin, also known as the “hunger hormone”, can benefit from sleep apnea, snoring and other breathing problems during sleep. Результатыисследованияопубликоваламегісап Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

The leptin hormone secreted by fat cells and affects regulation of the body’s feelings of hunger and fullness, because it has the ability to contact the appetite centre in the brain. But has also been found that leptin affects the respiratory system. In experiments on mice, scientists have evidence that the use of leptin with success it is possible to get rid of snoring and apnea (stop breathing during sleep).

In particular, the experts used mice with obesity that developed on the background of the excessively greasy and high-calorie food. That is obesity, according to scientific data, is a major instigator of the development of sleep apnea, snoring and breathing problems during sleep. Among people obesity in 50% of cases is a factor of data breaches.

Scientists have tried to introduce leptin by injection into the peritoneum, but the obese mouse did not respond to such therapy. It turned out that when using the injectable hormone is not able to penetrate into the brain because the blood brain barrier. Then the experts tried to test leptin as a spray, sprayed in the nose, and it helped the rodents to get rid of existing deviations.

“Spraying of leptin in the nose helped 40% increase in ventilation of the airway during sleep, which is more than half reduced the number of cases when mice suffered from a lack of oxygen, sleep apnea and snoring,” said the researchers.
Now the experts will determine whether or not the leptin used in the form of a spray, to get rid of sleep apnea and snoring people.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that problems with snoring and sleep apnea are correlated with an increased risk of heart disease. Especially dangerous snoring for women.