For protection from breast cancer mammograms are needed after 30

Women with dense Breasts or a family history of breast cancer should go through regular mammograms with 30 years, not 50 years of age. This is the conclusion reached by researchers on the basis of 5 million images.

American scientists have found that women with high density breast or having a family history of breast cancer should begin regular mammograms through the age of 30, not 50, as is currently recommended. Previously, such a reputable scientific associations like the American cancer community, called women with obvious risk factors for breast cancer to start doing mammograms at the age of 40. However, very few scientific studies have evaluated the need for this kind of diagnosis for women 30 years old or even younger. It is known that in this age group lung cancer is much rarer.

The present study is made on the basis of his recommendations are based on more than 5 million scans done in 38 U.S. States. Scientists have found that breast cancer detected with similar frequency in women from risk groups after 30 and women after age 40, with an average probability of Contracting this kind of cancer. So, regular mammograms should be carried out already at the age from 30 to 39, which differs from all existing recommendations.

Magicforum reminds us that there are many ways to assess the risk of developing breast cancer in women. But the scientists who conducted the current study focused on two the simplest and most effective. This is a family history of this disease, as well as the density of the breast. From these two factors, in General, dependent on the probability of women to get sick. (READ MORE)