Due to a rare disease a woman 54 years living without the sun

Living in the United States, Fatima Perez is suffering from a very rare disease retinitis pigmentosum. This disease makes the skin hypersensitive to the action of the sun, which is detrimental to her, even in small quantities. As a result, the woman for 54 years lives in darkness, in every possible way hiding from the sun.

About the history of Fatima Perez told the publication the Daily Mail. In childhood suffering from a rare disease Fatima always had burnt the skin, and to his 20 years almost completely lost his eyesight and hair. The brother of the woman died pigmentosum at the age of nine. The disease does not allow the skin cells to recover after exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation.

My entire life of 54-year-old woman forced to play in the dark. Glass Windows in her house always tinted, and drawn blackout curtains. While every two hours a woman still need to put on the skin cream from the sun – ultraviolet radiation, even in small doses, and penetrates even through walls.

Outside Fatima Perez comes out very rarely. For leaving the house she had especially made from several layers of heavy denim cloth costume, including clothing, headgear, cloak, face and gloves. Also this woman is forced to avoid the light bulb and to continuously carry a device for measuring the lighting level. However, even with these precautions, she had several times had skin cancer, yet safely removed by the doctors.

Despite its difficulties, the possessor of a rare disease convinced that life deserves to love and appreciate. The woman founded a charity Fund for those suffering from pigmentosum.

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