Doctors during the inspection miss 10% of cancerous moles

Doctors lose thousands of cancerous moles because to the naked eye skin tumors to diagnose very difficult. To such conclusion came researchers from the University of Birmingham.

British researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 104 studies which showed that doctors are missing at least 10% moles, with malignant nature. We are talking about dermatologists who have extensive experience and experience to diagnose various skin lesions. But even they are to the naked eye is not able to correctly unravel all these cases of cancer. That is why doctors must use a special magnetic devices for surveys and to send pictures to more experienced professionals in the case, if the doctors themselves are not very sure.

“The level of errors similar kind of visual diagnostics is too high so we left everything as is, – write the authors of the study. – To explore different kinds of moles on your body requires more advanced technologies that will allow time to diagnose skin cancer. Although these tumors are susceptible to treatment with malignant melanoma is not diagnosed in time, patients facing a fatal outcome. We have seen that the usual examination, even when a magnifying glass is not enough.”
Malignant melanoma – the most deadly kind of skin cancer that is responsible for 75% of all deaths from this disease. If other types of skin cancer develop slowly and well cured, malignant melanoma progresses very quickly, because it has the ability with the blood and through the lymphatic system to spread throughout the body. The main reason for the development of malignant melanoma and other skin cancers is excessive sun exposure. (READ MORE)