Consumer Trend: A Miracle Cure The Active Carbon?

The old drug active carbon celebrates Lifestyle products to make a Comeback. However, its consumption is not always safe

Black is beautiful: activated carbon hücosmetics and food llt in Black and Grautöne

A black powder has become one of the most important consumer trends of the past few years. Active carbon is according to the consumer panel of the market research company GfK on stästrongest growing Ernäallure and Lifestyle Trend üin General – before Protein, soy and Veggie.

Activated charcoal in cosmetics, food and toothpaste

The fabric is in Smoothies, face masks and toothpaste. Terms and phrases such as Detox or Cleansing (cleaning) prices, manufacturer, the effect of activated carbon and courting the favor of the Käthe shore. Many experts consider this to be critical of, speak of "pure Marketing".

"The activated carbon is a Hype is created, in which you hold truth and desire to be strictly apart muss", about Professor Matthias Melzig by the Institute f&uuml says;r and pharmacy of the Free Universität Berlin. Many of the advertised effects of the alleged miracle by are not scientifically proven.

The currently so coveted fabric has already a long career behind him. Activated charcoal or medicinal charcoal (Carbo medicinalis) is an ancient medicine that gemäß the rules of the Europäof Pharmacopoeia with a strong dry heat, usually made of Linden wood or coconut shells. In this process, verflüall of the accompanying substances, &uuml interfere with itself;brig only the carbon remains.

Sponge in the stomach and intestines

The heating also creates a große Oberfläche and activated carbon gleichermaßen. "One gram of active carbon reaches a Oberfläche of up to 2000 Quadratmetern", says Melzig. This Oberfläche acts as a giant sponge.

Therefore, the activated charcoal in cases of poisoning comes &Uuml, for example a;berdosierung of drugs. It binds gefädangerous substances from the gastro-intestinal tract and beföpromotes this from the Köbody. "This medical effect of the Background für the marketing of charcoal as a Detox Präparat", erläexplained Melzig.

Interaction with other medications

The Problem: Carbo medicinalis absorbed pretty much everything – vöcompletely non-specific. "It binds both medicine and sekundäre phytochemicals, vitamins and Mineralstoffe", the pharmacist warns.

This große suction potential can f&uuml about;r patients, the regelmäßig drugs to swallow and at the same time black Detox Smoothies to drink, have an adverse effect. "Drugs are inhibited in their effect, if not unterbunden", says Melzig. Therefore, the medical use should always be limited in time and in consultation with a doctor.

Cleaning of the skin and Zästand up

Also in cosmetics, many manufacturers want to make us believe: Black is the new Wei&szlig is;. So a variety of products for skin and dental care be included in the dark powder. Scrubs and pastes to purify the complexion deep into the pores and verfäcolored Zähne brighter rays, by, for example, particles of tea, coffee and wine from the Zahnoberfläche on the eyes.

Zahnädoctors from the United States to doubt, however, safety and effectiveness of such dental care products. An analysis of more than 25 studies in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), in which activated carbon toothpaste was investigated, found no specific effects of the added substance. In some Works, the authors of the Universit&auml discovered;t of Maryland in Baltimore instead, notes on a Schäevaluating the Zähne, for example erhöelevated abrasion of tooth enamel.

Purity is a problem

Außmoreover, in the cosmetic products used coal h&auml is;often not as pure as consumers. You enthält carbon compounds in the preparation of gesundheitsschäharmful substances form köcan. In the past year, an investigation took 15 black Beauty products under the microscope. Some of them contained the so-called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS), which are considered to be potentially carcinogenic.

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