Back pain in women linked to premature death

According to a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, common pain occurring in the back of a woman in old age, can honk of a high risk of premature death. To conclude this was made by the specialists at Boston medical center.

Scientists have decided to understand better the causes of back pain in women. It is women in the age group 40-80 years of age often complain of the occurrence of such pain – their cases to doctors with back pain are recorded more often than in men. While back pain in women can be painful, debilitating.

The result of their study, the researchers concluded that mobility problems faced by women because of back pain associated with premature mortality. Women consciously or unconsciously limit their mobility due to back pain – it may be associated with the development or progression of obesity, chronic diseases and, ultimately, lead to premature death, they suggest.

In a research project involving more than 8,000 elderly women observed by almost 14 years. During this time, he died more than half of the participants, and analyzing the circumstances of their death, as well as the medical history, scientists have found a link between back pain in women and a tendency to premature death.

“Women reported frequent or constant back pain, the risk of death was higher by 24% higher compared with women who did not have back pain,” stated the researchers.
They admit that early treatment of back pain can help women to prolong life.

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