This Woman Is Defending Her Husband's Wildly Offensive 'Joke' About Her Adopted Nephew & Reddit Is Calling Out Their Callous Cruelty

You know That Guy that no one likes because they’re always making offensive comments, then covering their rudeness with “it was just a joke” when people get upset? This Redditor’s husband is the poster child for That Guy, and she, unfortunately, is no better, as she not only stands by when he makes cruel “jokes” at the expense of her family members, but has the audacity to actually defend his disgusting behavior.

Head shoved so far up with colon that she had to ask Reddit to clarify why her family is so upset, the woman explains in the “Am I The A—hole” forum that “Mike” is her second husband, and they’ve been married for four years. “He’s a jokester and loves to crack jokes all the time,” she explains, adding “He especially like (sic) to joke with my brother ‘Ethan’ and his wife. Ethan used to be okay with it til he started complaining about Mike taking it too far with his jokes.”

The woman continues to share that her brother and his wife weren’t able to have kids, so they adopted a son, “Joey,” two years ago. “Mike has been making silly, lighthearted jokes that involving (sic) Joey’s bio parents as a way to mess with Ethan and his wife. I already talked to Mike and I tell you that he’s (sic) 100% means no harm and he was just trying to get them to react.”

First of all, adoption jokes are never funny. Whatever the circumstances are that a child had to be adopted, it’s not comical in any way, shape, or form. Ever. An example of a “silly, light-hearted joke” is the corny “is your refrigerator running” bit — not some chiding remark about an adopted child’s biological parents. The way that OP is nonchalantly glazing over her brother’s discomfort is gross and, frankly, disappointing. But alas, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

“So fast forward to NYE,” the woman writes, continuing, “My parents hosted a big celebratory dinner and Ethan and his wife came. While we were eating dinner, Mike decided to tell a knock-knock joke to Ethan. He said ‘Knock knock..’ Ethan laughed and said ‘Who’s there?’ Mike replied ‘Joey’s bio parents’ then he bursted (sic) out laughing.”

Inappropriate, uncalled for, rude, cruel, vile — all of these words encapsulate Mike and his super obvious a—hole behavior. OP, though, still doesn’t get it. She continues, “Silence took over and Ethan’s facial experssions (sic) changed. His wife called Mike an ‘idiot’ to which Mike replied with ‘Hey…Relax it was just a joke.’” There it is, the bully’s classic fallback line: “It was just a joke.”

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