This Hilarious Reddit Rant Will Make Anyone Who's Ever Changed a Poopy Diaper Feel Seen

There’s nothing quite like the dread that sets in as soon as you get a whiff of a stinky diaper. You may hope that it’s merely the scent of a tooting toddler, but you and I both know that dream — much like their diaper — is full of crap. And so begins the funeral march to the changing table where the fecal fun awaits. It’s no secret that changing a diaper full of No. 2 will always be No. 1 on the list of Least Fun Parenting Tasks. So why, asks the internet, do baby wipe manufacturers have to make the process even sh*ttier?

In a post entitled “Wipes were clearly designed by people who have never had children,” one parent on Reddit went off about how the “ONE THING” they need wipes to do is to come out of their package one at a time.

“Every single time I pull one out, the whole box of them comes out in an endless stream like some f*cking clown pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket. I end up flicking my wrist to break the stream and worming my fingers around like I’m casting a magic spell to work them apart into individual wipes.”

It all begs the question: why can’t “package engineers” make the experience more akin to pulling tissues out of a box? Is this all part of an elaborate “waste more, buy more” scheme? Has WipeGate been taking place right under our noses? If so, it stinks.

Commenters jumped all over this relatable post.

“I recall seeing the phrase on wipe packages, ‘One and done!’ And I laughed my way down the aisle,” one said.

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