These Parents are Refusing to Pay For Adopted Son's College Tuition & Reddit is Calling Out Their Blatant Favoritism

A young man took to Reddit to share his hurt and frustration over the fact that his adopted parents won’t pay for his college tuition. Some background: they paid for his three older siblings to attend university, along with law and medical school, but said they can’t offer any financial support to him.

“I talked to my parents about college and what help I can expect and surprisingly they told me there won’t be any help because they don’t have money left after they’ve paid for my siblings,” he wrote. “I wasn’t expecting a similar level of support but I was expecting some kind of help, my mom told me that my bio mom didn’t leave money for my college so I’ll be on my own.”

The son questioned if the lack of help had to do with their money situation or because he wasn’t their biological child. The parents were offended and insisted that they couldn’t afford it, particularly because they had just bought a condo for their daughter earlier this year. This didn’t sit well with him.

“I called them out and told them that I’m not buying this explanation at all and they wouldn’t be doing this to me if I were their biological child, my dad reminded me that I’m acting in an entitled way and should instead learn that we don’t always get what we want,” he recounted.

The trio went back-and-forth with their argument. It ended with his parents calling him an “entitled brat.” Now, the Reddit user is concerned he overstepped his boundaries. He posed the question to the “AITA” forum, inquiring if he is, indeed, being entitled.

The community responded with the same consensus. He was not expecting too much from his parents and the situation had been handled poorly with a heavy heaping of favoritism. “NTA, if they were helping with college and housing for their other kids they should’ve budgeted in a way that there would be some left for you,” one person noted. “I don’t think you are entitled for assuming that you would get the same treatment as your siblings.”

Many, many people noted that the parents should have considered this upcoming expense when they agreed to purchase a condo for their daughter. “It was not a surprise that OP was going to college this year,” a user said. “They knew, and still decided to gift the older child a condo. They could also have started a college fund when OP was 4.” Another added: “They can afford undergrad + grad + a condo for their older kids but not undergrad for the youngest? NTA at all OP and I’m so sorry for you. I would be looking to cut contact as much as possible as soon as I’m out of the house.”

A lot of people chimed in to express their sympathy for the OP after being stuck in such a completely unfair situation.  “I’m sorry your parents are treating you as a distant second to your siblings and that they’re not even taking responsibility for it,” a user expressed in the comment section. “They’re fully aware they’re showing their bio kids preferential treatment. They just don’t want you to complain about it.”

There’s really no gray area here. We feel for the OP and the lack of support he’s getting from his parents.

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