The Towels That Will Make Your Kids Excited To Get Into (& Out Of) The Tub

Is there anything better than bath time, and helping your sweet little one splash around in a tub full of bubbles? One thing might come close: wrapping your newly clean kiddo in a fresh, soft hooded towel for post-bath snuggles.

Okay, okay…it’s not always so idyllic, we admit. Bath time can be killer on your back and knees, and while some tots love the nightly (semi-nightly? Weekly?) cleaning ritual, others…not so much. And of course, it’s always the case that kids resist a bath when they most need one, amiright?

Either way, keep bath time as pleasant as possible by ending it with the right towel. The best bath towels for little kids should be soft, absorbent and, of course, have that cute, convenient hood! Bonus points for anything that’s quick-drying and long-lasting. And because we’re talking about towels for kids, they should also be affordable.

Thankfully, there are plenty of great bath towels for kids that don’t sacrifice substance for fun. Here are our top picks.

1. TheCroco Premium Hooded Towel

Made from 100% cotton, these ultra-soft towels make drying off fun! You (or your little) can choose from a dinosaur, rabbit, elephant, shark and more — all in bright, non-fading colors — with a plush terrycloth lining and velour exterior. The thick material also will keep parents and caretakers dry during those precious post-bath cuddles. With a 49-inch-long rectangular shape and a hood on one of the longer sides, this towel has plenty of material to wrap around your child long after the toddler years.

2. MICHLEY Hooded Animal Towel

Slightly less plush than our top pick, this hooded towel is also half the price. Made from 100% cotton, the towel is terrycloth on both sides and is designed to dry off kids quickly. The large size makes it ideal for kids up to age 6, and the hood helps with hair drying, as well as with warmth. It comes in six designs, including a pink or blue elephant, a pink or white rabbit and a pink dinosaur.

3. Athaelay Kid’s Hooded Bath Poncho

If your kid doesn’t like being dried off, or wants more mobility than in a normal towel provides, this bath poncho is a great (and adorable!) option. The poncho fit keeps kids covered and warm and allows the towel to do its job hands-free. Made from 100% cotton, it comes in six eye-catching designs, and the bright colors are designed to hold fast and not fade over time. There are even optional snaps make it more fitted, if desired. Parent-insider tip: Bath ponchos are also a great way to keep kids from dragging towels on the ground.

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