The Clever Way 1 Mom Makes Tooth Brushing and Bedtime More Fun

Jocelyn Gonzalez is always on the go: a typical day might include dropping her 3-year-old daughter off at school, driving to work, rushing out to take her little girl to ballet class, and trying to fit in a trip to the grocery store.

“Being a young working mom, managing my time can be an issue,” Jocelyn admits. “The Echo has become my assistant.” She doesn’t just use it for checking the weather and traffic, either: the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Kids Edition has become an invaluable part of her family’s daily routine. Read on to learn how this savvy mom puts her Echo and the Echo Dot Kids Edition to use all day, from busy mornings to bedtime.

And then there’s every toddler’s least favorite time of day: sleeping. If you have trouble getting your little one to fall asleep, try something different — like one of the storytelling skills on the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition. Ask Alexa to tell your son or daughter a bedtime story, and watch their eyes light up. Reserving this skill for bedtime turns it into your special treat — your little ones might even look forward to going to bed!

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