Reddit Is Oddly Defending This MIL Who Insists On a Daily FaceTime To See Her Grandkids

Brush teeth, put your jammies on, call grandma — what’s so hard about that? One mom is getting more than a smidge tired of this nighttime routine with her littles, especially because it’s cutting into her own pre-bedtime bonding time. But her mother-in-law isn’t having it — and weirdly, neither is Reddit.

In the Parenting subreddit, a mom complained about her husband’s nightly phone calls with his mom, which sounds super excessive. Yet, commenters are defending the behavior. Here’s her story.

“Ever since my son was born in 2020, my in-laws call my husband every single day so they they can see him on FaceTime,” she wrote. It sounds like he was a pandemic baby, so it makes sense that they developed this digital relationship. But instead of feeling grateful for this opportunity to connect, they started getting possessive of the time.

“They get upset if a call is missed,” the mom continued. “My son sleeps at 7:30 and they will usually call between 6:30 and 7. Call usually lasts 15 minutes.”

Yikes! That would be so hard to stop the bedtime routine for a long phone call, then try to finish everything quickly to get your kid to bed on time. And never being able to miss their call? It sounds exhausting!

“I now have a newborn daughter as well (she’s 3 weeks old),” the mom continued. “So they have also been asking to see her on video too.” Of course they do. Because a newborn is super predictable with their schedules (*insert eye-roll emoji here.*) “Usually she’s feeding or sleeping due to her age.”

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