Priyanka Chopra Shared a Rare Glimpse Into ‘Days Like This’ With Her Stylish Daughter Malti

Priyanka Chopra is giving fans a super rare glimpse into her chill days with her daughter Malti, and it’s as sweet as you’d think. On Feb 18, Chopra shared a series of seriously adorable photos of her and her daughter Malti with the simple and heartwarming caption, “Days like this. ❤️.”

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In the first photo, we see Chopra rocking a chic look of a brown leather jacket and matching brown sunnies, while she’s holding her little fashionista (who’s rocking a pink Fendi look!) Then, we get a super-sweet cuddling photo of the whole family, with Chopra holding onto Malti’s little head as she takes a mother-daughter selfie.

While we don’t know everything that went into their day in Las Vegas, we can tell from the looks of these pictures that they had the best time just being together!

As many of you probably remember, Nick Jonas and the Unfinished author shocked the world when they announced they welcomed their daughter Malti into the world in Jan 2022 via surrogate. They kept it a secret for a while, but they’ve been taking fans on their parenthood journey from days like this to discussing the day when Malti came home from the NICU after 100 days.

Chopra previously talked to her friend, YouTuber and comedian Lilly Singh, about being a new mom to Malti. “As a new parent right now, I keep thinking about that I will never be imposing my desires, fears, my upbringing on to my child. I have always believed that children come through you, not from you,” she said. “There is no such notion as this is my child, and I will shape everything. They come to you in order to find and construct their own life.”

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