Kim Kardashian Has Her Hands Full As Her Boys Go Rogue on IG Live & Chaos Ensues

Why is it that kids are always happy, sweet — quiet, even! — until parents pull out their phones? It doesn’t matter if you take a call or try to record your little ones, things can go from calm to chaotic in seconds. Kim Kardashian recently experienced this on Instagram Live last night, and parents everywhere could relate. The Kardashians star tried to get sons Saint, 6, and Psalm, 3, to “say ‘hi’” for the camera, but they had plans of their own.

“Say, ‘hi!’ Kardashian says in the Live, as reported by Page Six. “This is called Instagram Live.” Kardashian, who also shares daughters North, 9, and Chicago, 4, with ex Kanye West, is riding in the back of a limo with her boys at the time. Saint was in a silly mood, responding “Hi, weirdos!” The SKIMS founder quickly turned her head and said, “Hey, stop it!”

He disappears from the frame and Psalm starts mumbling something. Saint returns with a smile, this time saying, “If you’re watching this, I hate you!” Why is it that little boys think being mean is so funny? Psalm clearly think’s his older brother is hilarious, as he tries to copy him. “Hey, Saint!” Kardashian says, then, “Look what you’re teaching him.”

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Saint defends his brother to his mom and the audience, and says, “this is a good boy” while looking into the camera with his hands on Psalm. They are going rouge, and Kardashian is clearly exasperated. We’ve all been there!

Later, when they pass by a toy store, Kardashian says, “That’s something you’re not gonna see because you are saying bad things,” prompting them to start chanting about Pokémon. This is a tiny glimpse into the kind of wildness that moms go through every day. We’re tired, OK? But just when you think you’re at your breaking point, your kids turn around and surprise you. Both her sons gave her a kiss when she asked in the video, proving that they really are sweethearts (even if they seem like they’re up to no good the majority of the time).

A fan account @dashkids screen recorded the Live and posted in on Instagram, per PEOPLE. Watching it, you can tell that Saint is the instigator, influencing Psalm to act up and teaching him the things to say to upset his mom. As someone with boys ages 3 and almost 5, I can confirm that this is exactly how it happens with two brothers in my house. Kardashian deserves kudos for handled the moment with so much grace!

Celebrities — they’re just like us! Especially when it comes to embarrassing their kids.

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