Kids getting bored? Here are 8 things they can try with Alexa at home

While it is not easy to think of something new to do every day, you can now create a routine on your Alexa app.

Keeping kids entertained is no mean feat. At a time when the world is going through a health crisis and children are confined to their homes, parents are scrambling for innovative ideas every day to keep them engaged so they can quickly wrap up other chores and meet work deadlines.

As such, here is a list of eight interesting things that you can try with kids, using Alexa. And if you feel like it, you can join in, too! Read on.

Asking questions

Instead of asking you, the kids can ask all the right questions to Alexa. Curiosity must be encouraged. Have them ask: ‘Alexa, teach me about lions’ or ‘Alexa, tell me about Jupiter’. If they get bored of asking questions, Alexa can keep them entertained with animal sounds, too. Get them to say: ‘Alexa, roar like a lion!’ or ‘bark like a dog’. This should keep them entertained for a while.


Remember your childhood songs like Lakdi Ki Kathi or Nani Teri Morni? Now you can make your kids listen and learn, too. Get Alexa to sing along with your little ones. All they have to do is say: ‘Alexa, play Nani Teri Morni‘. If you think these songs wouldn’t interest them you can always get Alexa to play Baby Shark instead. You can also host a karaoke session with your family and have them sing along with on-screen lyrics! Once done, get Alexa to give them a round of applause, they deserve it.

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Working out

If your child is running from room to room because they have too much pent-up energy, Alexa can take care of it. Just start an animal workout or a fun exercise routine, which can teach them about animals. This should give their energies a productive outlet.

Workout for the mind

Alexa has many games that can keep kids engrossed. Just say: ‘Alexa, let’s play a game’ and choose from a list of memory, riddle, word, or even number guessing games.


If the kid is asking for stories, entrust the responsibility to Alexa. It can read a bedtime a story, and if the child is bored, they can even ask for many more stories. And if they have a favourite character — like a Harry Potter or the Red Riding Hood — Alexa can tell them all about it.

Speaking a new language

If your child loves to talk, Alexa can make them learn and speak a new language. They can ask for a sentence to be translated into French, Spanish or any other language.

Alexa jokes

Looking for some silly giggles? Alexa can tell the best jokes, too. All you have to do is ask for a joke, and in no time your child will be rolling on the floor laughing.

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Math made fun

If your child is not too fond of the subject, it is time to change their opinion. Just say: ‘Alexa, start 1-2-3 Math’, and play a game addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, comparison among others. With each correct answer, your child will get to a score against all players and the leader board is reset every day.

Bonus: Create a routine

While it is not easy to think of something new to do every day, you can now create a routine on your Alexa app. All the aforementioned points can find an easy flow as per your liking. So, make yourself a schedule and let your child have a fun time learning new things.

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