Kaavia James Proves She Has a Future in Motivational Speaking In Gabrielle Union-Wade's Adorable New Video

Everybody’s favorite Shady Baby is getting motivational on Instagram.

In a wholesome, exceedingly adorable Reel shared by Gabrielle Union-Wade, Kaavia James is casually dressed in Snoopy pajamas while practicing a potential future career in motivational speaking. She knocks it out of the park, saying in her cute little kid voice, “Thank you for talking with us, and I’ll be great, and you’ll be great. Thank you.”

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The nearly 4-year-old looks quite satisfied with her uplifting video message, which her mother captioned, “Let’s all be great together! Yes, I did just get back from a wellness retreat, why do you ask? #MentalHealthAwareness.”

Hyping up her natural motivational skills, people took to the comments to write, “Taking this energy with us all the time,” “What Kaav said. Thank you,” “Yes we will Kaavia,” “Thank You Great Kaav,” and more of the same funny and sweet messages.

Union-Wade and Dywane Wade‘s daughter has been an internet sensation since her first few months of life, widely loved for her hilarious habit of trolling her mom and making unimpressed facial expressions. She’s brutally honest in the way we all wish we could be, and it’s honestly hysterical. Have you seen the memes? Truly priceless.

Union-Wade commented on Kaavia’s endearingly uproarious personality during an interview with Ellen Degeneres, saying, “She’s pure comedy, but absolutely dead serious. She’s just stone-faced. She’s unbothered and unimpressed at all times.”

We can’t wait for Kaavia’s next gospel shared with the masses — she’s already beat us at living our best lives, and she isn’t even five yet.

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