John Legend Has Some Ideas About Keeping the Romance Alive After Kids — Men, Take Notes!

There is nothing sexier than a man who knows what a woman wants in bed. And once she’s a mom — that starts with taking care of things outside the bedroom. John Legend recently dished on his sex life with wife Chrissy Teigen, and he dropped some seriously wise pearls of wisdom about how he keeps the romance alive after having three kids. Men, write this down.

The “You Deserve It All” singer shares daughters Luna, 6, and Esti, 2 months, and son Miles, 3, with Teigen. He explained the secret to keeping the romance alive on yesterday’s episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, which is simply: be romantic.

“You have to find time, you have to still do those romantic gestures and make an effort,” John said on the podcast, per E! News. “I think that’s all important. You can’t take things for granted, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. If you allow yourself to just get in a rut, you gotta go on a date, do some things, do some fun things, make some romantic gestures.”

Yes, sir! It’s not about just physical connection — your tired partner wants to be wooed! Moms want to dress up, be given flowers, do something fun or silly with their boo. Coming home and expecting sex after you’ve both been working and spending hours taking care of the kids is not it.

Another way Legend keeps the romance alive? Taking care of his wife. Read that again, fellas, because that is exactly what women want.

“I take good care of her,” the Grammy winning singer said. “I like to cook for her, even though she’s obviously the one with food credentials that I don’t have…I like to pamper her and make romantic gestures, she probably likes that.”

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