Jewel Has a New Drummer on Tour — Her 10-Year-Old Son: 'It's Going to Make Me Love Touring Again'

Jewel’s upcoming tour is going to be a delightful family affair. The singer told TODAY that her 10-year-old son Kase Murray will be joining her as a drummer while she makes the performance rounds later this year. Jewel had hinted at a musical appearance from Kase in a February Instagram post, when she shared a video of him accompanying her on the drums, alongside the caption:

Now, we’ve got a firm confirmation.

“Kase is going to play. He plays drums,” Jewel said on the American Song Contest red carpet this past Monday. “So I’m really excited that he’ll get to tour with me. It’s going to make me enjoy touring again.”

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The mother and son duo have showcased their dreamy collaborations in the past, proving that this summer is going to be an epic explosion of musical talent. Last year, the two performed Jewel’s hit song Hands on The Masked Singer and then sweetly embraced at the end. “I love you, mom,” Kase said at the end of the video.

Later, Jewel took to Twitter to share how much that special moment meant to her.  “I love singing with my son!” she wrote. “I’m legit bawling right now.”

If you’re in need of even more heartwarming moments, Jewel and Kase also performed Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind in 2020 to raise funds for World Central Kitchen. The two raised enough money to feed the Children of the Nááts’íilid for a week.

“So proud of this boy! He turned 9 yesterday,” Jewel wrote alongside the video. “I think back to when he was born and I can’t believe it was 9 years ago. He is curious, witty, smart … but his heart… his heart is huge. He is sensitive and I love being his mom and surrounding him in a community of people who support him giving of his heart.”

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