Jana Kramer Gets Honest About Apologizing to Her Kids After Being ‘Short Tempered’ With Them

Country singer Jana Kramer isn’t shy about getting real when it comes to motherhood, and her experiences as a single parent. The Whine Down with Jana Kramer podcaster recently had a rough day, and opened up to her Instagram followers about how she had to apologize to her children because of it.

The August 10 Instagram Stories feature a very real, very candid Kramer as she preps her kids’ dinner. “Today has kicked my butt, literally and figuratively,” Kramer started off in her first video, with a text overlay that says “Mom Life rambles” and a crying-laughing emoji. “And now I just had to apologize to my kids for being short-tempered with them but they’re driving me crazy.” The mom of two shares 6-year-old daughter Jolie and 3-year-old son Jace with ex-husband Mike Caussin — and has admitted how challenging it can be to co-parent with her ex. 

“And now I’m making mac and cheese from last night and a little bit of chicken nuggets and french fries in the air fryer,” Kramer finished her self-proclaimed “mom ramble”, giving the camera two thumbs up. Mom to mom, we’ve been there. Those overwhelming days with little kids — especially those times when we accidentally yell at our kiddos in the heat of the moment — do happen. Kramer definitely did the right thing by apologizing to her children … and we’re not passing any bad judgement on the yummy go-to dinner for her kids, either.

Feel better, Jana! Mom Guilt is the worst.

Even when you’re famous, Mom Guilt is a thing, as these celebrity moms show.

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