Grab One of These Cute Car Decoration Kits for Halloween Trunk-or-Treats Before They're Gone

Halloween trunk-or-treating events are getting popular in neighborhood parking lots across the country, and now is the time to start planning how you’ll transform your vehicle’s trunk into the ultimate candy-dispensing destination. As a replacement for (or addition to) traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating, trunk-or-treating gives your kids another way to haul in fun-size candy bars — and gives you another great opportunity to showcase amazingly cute or spooky Halloween decorations. If you’re not particularly crafty (or simply just don’t have time this year) HSN has a variety of National Tree Company car decorating kits to help you out.

With the company’s Tricky Trunks Car Kits you can turn the trunk or hatch of your vehicle into a gaping mouth where costumed kiddos can reach in to swipe a sweet. Made of polyester fabric, these pliable pieces easily attach to your vehicle using integrated magnets and suction cups. So, just drive to the parking lot of your local trunk-or-treat, pop open the back, and transform your car into one of these creepy creatures!

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Bright Eyes Tricky Trunks Car Kit

With oversize googly-style eyes and enormous white chompers, this decoration turns your trunk into an only slightly scary monster. Honestly, he looks pretty friendly, right?! And imagine how sweet he’ll seem when his mouth (er, your trunk) is full of delicious candy.


Freaky Fangs Tricky Trunks Car Kit

Dracula and the Big Bad Wolf ain’t got nothin’ on this scowling vampire with oversize fangs, all the better to serve you candy with! His crossed eyes, however, give him a silly look that won’t scare away any young candy-seeking visitors. Stock up on all red goodies to hand out, and we’re A-positive your car will be a big hit.


“Say Ahhh” Tricky Trunks Car Kit

What has six chipped teeth and is scarier than a trip to the dentist? This guy! Trunk-or-treaters won’t forget to brush all the Halloween sugar off their pearly whites after seeing this mouth. Let that long tongue lead up to a trunk full of jawbreakers or toothbrushes — your call.


Frankenstein Tricky Trunks Car Kit

Poor Franky has a hard time dressing up for Halloween — green skin and neck bolts are hard to integrate into any other look. But the science experiment with a heart of gold is happy to hand out candy to others, straight from his goofy green grin. He just asks that you keep any angry villagers with torches at a safe distance.


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