Gabrielle Union Shares Video of Her Surrogate Giving Birth to Daughter Kaavia

Actor Gabrielle Union and Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Kaavia, is now almost one month old. It’s been a very difficult path to motherhood for Union, who previously suffered as many as nine pregnancy losses. But Union’s gestational carrier had a successful C-section on Nov. 7. And this week, Union shared personal video on Instagram of the birth — and moments leading up to her baby girl’s delivery.

Union captioned the post:

“Every family is unique. How each family is created and comes together is special. Kaavia James Union Wade’s journey into our arms was long and at times brutal. There were heartbreaks that nearly broke us and streams of tears that turned into raging rivers. And then came Kaavia James. This is our birth journey. Thank you all for the love, support and understanding and all the people who held us up when we lost hope. Watch it with love. Watch it with hope. (Full video on my IGTV)”

The video includes clips of Union and Wade discussing their struggle with infertility, footage gleaned from various TV interviews.

“We’re finally getting to this place where there’s this little person that will call me mom… ” Union said in one clip. “It wasn’t actually the problem of getting pregnant, it was holding the baby. And we discovered finally what I have is called adenomyosis,” Union added. Adenomyosis is a form of endometriosis.

“We just decided as a family that the best and safest route, and most successful route was a gestational carrier,” Union continued. “For us, it was our embryo so our surrogate has no genetic tie to our baby.”

“We will be in the room when our child comes into the world,” Union said. The film cuts to her weeping happy tears behind a hospital mask as Kaavia is delivered safely from the surrogate. “We’re just so thankful and grateful for the gift that they’ve given us.”

Union also included moments from her baby shower, where she spoke to guests about the difficult choice to use a surrogate. “It’s definitely not made a fun or easy or understood journey,” Union said. “It just feels like shame, years of shame, humiliation and betrayal of your body… It was so many emotions.”

Union also recorded a video message for her new daughter: “I didn’t have a chance to carry you so I haven’t always felt like am I doing it all wrong? Am I going to feel this bond, you know that mothers have because they’ve cooked a baby for nine-ten months. Will I not have that? That scares me.”

Later in the video, Union added, “The beauty and the downside of surrogacy, it’s happening away from us. … This is our surrogate’s fourth baby and she sees it as allowing her body to give a gift, the gift of life, to another family.”

Seeing Wade and Union bonding with baby Kaavia gave us all the feels. Every. Single. One.

“To have her in this moment, it’s all worth it, you know? All the sacrifice, a lot for my wife,” Wade said, cradling Kaavia. Union added, “Every path to motherhood looks different, there’s no one right way.”

But this is definitely one right way. Their joy is undeniable. Congratulations to the very happy Union-Wade family.

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