Brittany Mahomes Just Revealed Her Daughter Sterling's Favorite Animal & The Pics Are Beyond Adorable

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes‘ daughter Sterling may only be one year old, but she already has so much personality and zest for life! On their trip to the zoo, not only did Sterling get to see her favorite animal (the adorable, pink flamingo), but we got some of the cutest pics.

On Aug 16, Brittany blessed our Instagram once again with arguably the cutest pics of her daughter Sterling that we’ve seen yet. On their little family trip to the zoo, it looks like Sterling couldn’t get enough of the animals surrounding her, making the cutest faces ever! Brittany captioned the first photo, “She loves animals!” and let the second photo speak for itself.

In the first photo, we see Sterling making an adorable shocked/ fishy face as she sees the animals. She’s also rocking her signature curly ponytail and a white and pastel matching set. In the next photo, Sterling is next to her unlikely favorite animal: the flamingo! While she’s giving the camera a bit of a pouty face, it’s too cute to see her be excited about flamingoes at all! It makes sense, though, they’re odd and pink, perfect to be hypnotized by!

So the Mahomes married back on March 12, 2022, in Hawaii, followed by a fabulous honeymoon in St. Barts. The two have been together since high school but didn’t get engaged until Sept. 2020, and pretty soon after, they welcomed their first child.

Their daughter  Sterling Skye, 1, was born on Feb. 2021. And on May 29, 2022, the Mahomes announced on Instagram they were expecting another addition to the family! (Hint: they’ll be welcoming a baby boy soon!)

In a previous interview from early 2022, papa Patrick said that Sterling already has a big personality like her mama. He said, beaming with pride, “It’s been awesome, you know. She’s at the stage now where she’s almost walking. She has a personality. She knows how to say ‘No’ a lot.”

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