A Mom Won't Allow Her SIL's 'Destructive' Kids in Her House & Reddit Has Big Feelings About Boundaries

How much bad behavior are you willing to put up with? One Reddit user has hit her official breaking point when it comes to her sister-in-law’s kids. She took to AITA forum to explain why she decided to lock the family out of her house — and ask if she was justified.

“My husbands older sister is a mom of three ages 9, 8 and 6,” the user began. “SIL allows a lot of behaviors that can be quite destructive or messy from her kids, which is fine in her own house, but at least in mine, I don’t like it. My husband has told her before she needs to make it clear that our house rules are different from hers but she brushed him off. “

Some of that behavior includes: kicking a ball inside, breaking possessions multiple times, bouncing on the furniture with shoes on and emptying the contents of storage containers on the floor.

“My husband and I have both stepped in and asked them not to and the response we get back is ‘you’re not our mom/dad,’” she wrote. “…We said no shoes inside and they straight up said no. They have also gotten other balls when we take them away while they play with them inside. They’re the very same at my ILs house. The oldest even told FIL to f*ck off when he corrected them.” She decided that she didn’t want to put up with these kids anymore. If her husband is home, he can handle their behavior but if she’s home alone, they’re not coming in.

“SIL attempted to come over with the kids while my husband was away for work,” the user wrote. “I told her she wasn’t allowed in. I told her to speak to my husband and find out when he’s home and she can visit if he allows.”

Now, the SIL is really mad. “AITA?” the user asked.

People flocked to the comment section to let the original poster know that she made the right decision. Many, many commenters reinforced the idea of boundaries and said they’d be done with having those family members visit period.

“What a complete an utter failure of parenting to allow those kids to run wild and disrespect other people’s houses,” one person wrote. “It’s their aunt and uncle and they are allowed to tell their uncle to ‘f*ck off.’ They will end up becoming entitled adults that don’t believe they have to respect anyone. I’d completely ban them from the house.”

Another person added that they had had a similarly frustrating experience. “We had to drop some really close friends due to this type of destructive disrespectful behaviour from their kids. It wasn’t fair to us, our home, or our children that theirs had no boundaries for acceptable behaviour,” the user wrote. “One time we were packing up to leave the house and they drove up our street and stopped to say hi. Their kids ran into our house despite my husband trying to deny them entry. They jumped on the kids beds with dirty shoes and broke a toy within two minutes flat. Their dad ignored their screaming and our protests that this wasn’t a good time.”

Then, there was the comment that summed it all up pretty well. “NTA. your home, your rules. if SIL and the kids can’t respect that, they don’t get to visit…boundaries are lovely things,” a Reddit user concluded.

How would you handle it if family members were acting destructively in your home?

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