6 board games that have stood the test of time

Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, carrom board, Scrabble are a few names that come to mind when we think of board games. However, children today are inclined towards gadgets and are moving away from board games. In order to make leisure time more fun, playing board games with family and friends are a great option. Board games help us strategise, exercise our brain power and develop teamwork. Here are some popular and interesting board games.

Pictionary (Age 4+)

Pictionary is where you master the art of drawing as you sketch and wait for the other person to guess the answer. It helps to exercise the brain, besides of course, helping your child express themselves pictorially. There are a lot of subjects/themes of the game like person, place, animal, difficult words, action scenes, etc.

How to play Pictionary

Chess (Age 5+)

Originated in India, chess is one of the best mind games played on a board with black and white squares. It requires two players who begin playing with 16 pieces on each side. It involves a king, a queen, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks, 8 pawns on each side in two colours. The aim of the game is to save the Queen and King from getting conquered. The art of checkmating someone is something you can learn from chess!

How to play chess

Scrabble (Age 5+)

Scrabble helps to revise our vocabulary and word-building capability. It is played in teams of minimum two people. Playing Scrabble calls upon you to make new words and score points, thus increasing your vocabulary as well.

How to play Scrabble

Monopoly (Age 6+)

If your little one has a business mind, you must make him play Monopoly. It is a trading game for buying and selling properties. It makes you aware of the services and luxuries which are taxable. It involves dealing with money, credits, operations of the bank, etc. At least three people are required to play the game.

How to play monopoly

Snakes and Ladders (Age 3+)

Almost every household, even now, possesses this game. It is one of the oldest forms of board games, played by almost every single child. You have to climb the stairs on the board to end your journey without getting bitten by the snakes that you meet mid-way. If it does, you have to climb back down, sometimes back to the start position. Childhood seems incomplete without this game. In fact, it is available online too, where you can connect and play with your friends. But nothing can beat playing it physically on the board.

How to play Snakes and Ladders

Carrom Board (Age 3+)

Once upon a time, summer vacations meant having carrom board tournaments back to back with cousins. This game can be played by four people at a time. It contains 19 pieces and a striker, 9 white carrom discs, 9 black colour carom discs and 1 red queen. There are four pockets in all, on the board’s corners. Striking discs into the pockets helps us score. The Queen gets you maximum points. The one who strikes the Queen is the winner of the game! You can use some great tricks to strike a better shot.

How to play Carrom

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