Years obesity increases the risk of early death

In the USA, experts of the school of public health Boston University said that people who suffer from excess weight and obesity have a higher risk of early death. About the study in the course of which a connection was made between long-term obesity and premature death, according to the portal EurekAlert.

Initially, the researchers aim to study how long, longstanding obesity may be associated with the risk of early death. They analyzed the medical history of more than 6 thousand people with overweight and stated: the likelihood of early death is increased if a person suffers from obesity for the past 24 years and more.

The authors of the study explained that they observed them full of volunteers best from sudden death was protected by those who had not critical deviations from the norm.

“Minimal risk was observed in people whose weight has fluctuated in the upper normal range of body mass index BMI”, – said experts.
Scientists have discovered the relationship convincingly shows the importance of prevention of obesity from a very young age.
Years of obesity can provoke profound changes in the body, possibly irreversible, they said.

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