Women told why he’s not flossing

These women make a pleasant impression with their white smiles. However, they believe that have achieved this effect by refraining from brushing your teeth.

We all know how important it is to brush your teeth in the morning and evening for at least two minutes in a row. But these women of England, their sparkling white smiles, long abandoned brushing your teeth and believe that everyone else can follow their example. “I never brushed my teeth, says Alice from South Croydon who are raising 18-month-old son Carter. – Of course, it’s not very pleasant for many recognition because I’m breaking one of the recognized social taboos. But the truth is that more than 10 years I never touched a toothbrush. And whenever I look in the mirror, you see that my teeth are just perfect. 13 years I got my braces off, and since then, dentists have only one tooth, and it needed to do in that period when I brush their teeth regularly. I have no problems with bad breath, at least this I never told my partner. But I regularly use the gum”.

“My front teeth look fantastic – says housewife Gemma from Chesterfield, which is 33 years. – However, I have two dead side of the tooth that you want to delete. Another tooth recently cracked in half. But I blame all these injuries on the habit of grinding her teeth at night from stress, I’m still raising five kids. Last time I went to the dentist in 2013 when I broke two front teeth, I needed to restore them. It wasn’t long before the wedding. He criticized the condition of my teeth. I don’t drink, smoke, or three years do not touch the toothbrush and is very good for the health of the oral cavity”.
“I can’t say that I have perfect teeth, – says Kira nurse from Surrey. One of them is slightly bent because I hit back in my childhood. Indeed, if you look closely to them, they can seem a little yellow because I used to smoke 15 cigarettes a day. I have a few fillings, but they are put even at the age of 12. Can’t say that I do not brush my teeth, sometimes I do it one or two times a month. And the rest I just don’t have time because I work a lot”. (READ MORE)