Whether to refuse cookies for tea?

In Russia like to drink tea with biscuits – office is one of the typical breaks at work, told NTV. What the experts think about the cookies?

Medical experts noted that the liver should be treated like any dessert that is consumed strictly in moderation, and after the main meal, not instead of it in the form of a snack. The best option experts believe your homemade cookies. First, cooking is a form of physical activity, and secondly, you can get a product that does not contain artificial additives, margarine and large amounts of sugar.

According to nutritionists, should be “to make the cookies himself, occasionally, on holidays – and then the process itself, and the result will bring maximum pleasure.”
As for the cookie baking industry for its production is often used margarine, which is a source of TRANS fats, adversely acting on the vessels and the heart and blood vessels TRANS fat. Preparing this cookie as a rule, refined, absolutely unwholesome flour, contains a lot of sugar and salt, sugar, fructose, palm oil, flavor enhancers, in result of constant use of such a “bouquet” substance of a person may develop metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other illnesses.

In addition, recently scientists have put forward the hypothesis that interaction of proteins with sugar during heat treatment can form a threat to the body pikirannya amino acids. This may apply to liver in the manufacture of which used milk fat, eggs and sugar.

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