Vegetables and fruit keep brain young

Consumption of natural fruits and vegetables, and juices from them leads to the fact that at the age of 73 years, the human brain retains cognitive function, typical of young age. This conclusion was made by scientists from the American Academy of neurology, the study reported by Medical Express.

“Daily consumption of fruits, vegetables and juices rich in a huge number of vitamins, enables the addition of normalization of the body to maintain in old age the younger the brain, good cognitive abilities,” said the neurologists.
The researchers believe that the brain retains its ability to operate without major disruptions to a ripe old age, if the body gets plenty of antioxidants and vitamins. In favor of this confidence is indicated by the data of 20 years of research. Analysis of health 27 thousand men showed that 55% of participants who use lots of natural products, has maintained unaltered its ability to perform complex mental work.

According to experts, fruits, vegetables and juices contribute to the fact that “at the age of 73 years, the human brain retains the “youth” cognitive function”. Among vegetables and fruit, keeping the brain young,
most beneficial, according to scientists, are oranges, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, and berries of different kinds.

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