Tomatoes and apples help to restore the lungs of smokers

Eating available foods, you can improve lung health, including smokers, stated scientists from the United States. Scientists believe that smokers for rehabilitation and reconstruction of the lung often need are tomatoes and apples.

“Tomatoes and apples has a beneficial effect on lung health in people with nicotine dependence,” said the experts.
According to the researchers, tomatoes and apples contain substances that protect lung membranes from damage and development of inflammation. If existing lung damage, substances in tomatoes and apples contribute to their accelerated restoration of the integrity of tissues.

In favor of this hypothesis the data of the experiment with the participation of 600 smokers. Scientists have analyzed the features of their diet, Smoking and health. It turned out that smokers who regularly used the tomatoes and apples, provided their lungs more reliable protection from damage.

“Smokers who ate a small Apple and a couple of tomatoes daily, the condition of the lungs was better in comparison with others. They also breathe more air,” reported the study authors.
They noted that effective for the recovery of the lungs of smokers is the use of fresh tomatoes and apples juices fresh juices such result do not give.

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