To lose weight hampered by the lack of long-term group support

Foreign scientists named constraint to drop excess weight and presented methods to overcome it. As shown by recent studies, regardless of proper diet and intensity of physical activity, often after a short time the pounds still come back, because of the lack of long-term group support.

In order to strengthen a person’s struggling with overweight, in his endeavour to achieve good results and, importantly, to be able to save them, the support of family and friends, even the most caring, enough. With losing weight a man should be like-minded people striving for the same goal as himself. The methodology is aimed at overcoming hindering the lose weight factor is regular meetings with such people – at least once a week, but the more the better. Their communication must not only concentrate on the common problem of weight loss, but also should not hide anything from new friends, and to be very sincere.

According to a source from the scientific community to the publication Magicforum to bring the figures in the desired state the main motivator should be the information exchange about the failures and the results achieved. To run the body’s sense of control should regularly measure weight, monitor exercise, count the kilocalories of food consumed – and all of this without reserve to share with the members of the said group on long-term support, in order not to break and not gain more weight. As noted by experts, the most successful programs were those that lasted more than a year.