The secret of happiness after 70 sex twice a month

If you want to be happy after 70, it is engaged in sex every two weeks. This is the conclusion reached by researchers.

To some it may seem that the secret to happiness after retirement is a trip somewhere in Venice or a trip around the world to the white liner, but in reality true happiness can be achieved much with less. The level of satisfaction from life, people, retired, depends on regular sexual life. A study involving 7,000 people aged 65 and older showed that life is much more enjoyable for those who regularly has sex. While it is not a question about how to have sex like every day. For example, for older men real happiness are having sex frequency of twice a month. And women are much more interested in the emotional side – hugs and kisses and to sleep together in one bed.

British researchers found that older people are much happier if they had sex in the last 12 months. Here is shown the effect of the so-called “post-coital glow”, when the person experiences a sudden rush of mood after making love. In addition, by itself, sex is a pleasant kind of physical activity and exercise in the elderly improve health and also improve mood because it leads to the production of specific hormones endorphins.

“There is a widespread assumption that older people are not interested in sex, but it is very important to keep intimacy in your life to reduce the risk of heart disease and premature death, say researchers from Anglia Ruskin University. We found that sex can increase the level of happiness of older people. It is not only about physical, but about emotional intimacy, which helps to strengthen sex. This is why women even more than sex, like foreplay like hugging and kissing”. (READ MORE)