The marathon races lead to heart attacks

The journal Circulation published the reasons on why the marathon races can be deadly for the Amateur runners. Researchers from the University Camilo CELA in Madrid found that such races bring involved in them to heart attacks.

Experts note that in recent years the popularity of marathon races has increased dramatically, and this, in their opinion, is not good. In these marathon races, according to scientists, began to engage fans – while Amateur athletes still better to run a shorter distance. Marathons are too much influenced on heart health, said scientific experts.

“Races at the marathon distance threat for the unprepared lovers of the sport. Prolonged stress on the myocardium dramatically increases the concentration of substances that can cause a heart attack,” is the opinion of scientists in Circulation.
Cardiologists studied how changing the body handles stress on the heart and its degradation by races at different distances. It turned out that the short-run, affect only the activity of proteins that are not directly associated with the development of serious disorders and therefore do not lead to heart problems. But marathon races increased sharply koncentracyjnego that aktiviziruyutsya in the case of overload and cardiac failure.

The scientists added that runners in marathon races very rarely can feel the increased heaviness of his heart that is even more dangerous because people thus may miss the symptoms of a possible heart attack.

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