Rice is dangerous due to the accumulation of arsenic

American researchers at Indiana University announced that rice is a potentially hazardous product due to its ability to accumulate in grains large amounts of toxic for the human body components. These data were presented at the conference of the Society for risk analysis, held in New Orleans.

Rice grains fraught with serious danger, said the biologists. It consists in the fact that rice accumulates arsenic in their body, which can achieve a high level of content in this product.

“Rice accumulates a large amount of arsenic, most of which remains at its core in the form of inorganic compounds, and not embedded in cells of this plant,” stated the scientists summarizing the results of the investigation.
Speaking at the conference, employees of the University of Indiana reported that their work was the first systematic assessment of how much of the arsenic contained in rice. The scientists also figured out what amount of arsenic in rice do mass falls in the use and absorption of food in the human body.

“Up to 80% of arsenic gets into rice from the water, and about the same amount of it enters the human body when the digestion”, is the verdict of experts.
To date, 600 million figure included in the daily diet. According to scientific data, the arsenic which it contains, is dangerous because it may provoke the development of serious disorders in the brain and internal organs.

Natural rice for a long time been considered useful in many respects: it does not contain gluten and does not cause inflammation of the intestine, suitable for use high blood pressure. However, a study conducted some time ago in China and Japan, showed that modern rice cereal has not been of a rich set of vitamins and minerals that had in the past. According to Medicforma, scientists predict that in about 20 years rice finally ceases to be something useful for human health.