Pumpkin recommended use for fasting days

In Roskoshestvo recommended to use the pumpkin in the absence of individual contraindications. According to a nutritionist, pumpkin is not a vegetable that is easy to use every day, but pumpkin is good for fasting days.

Specialists Roskoshestvo gave some advice on how to choose this vegetable. First of all, experts advise to only buy whole pumpkins, not to purchase the product cut, as in this case, there is no guarantee hygienic safety. Peel the pumpkin should be firm, undamaged. Experts also recommend to pay attention to the tail of the pumpkin, which should be dried up.

According to nutritionist mariyat Mukhina, pumpkin is ideal for dietary purposes.

“Pumpkin is not a vegetable that is easy to eat every day, but it is good for fasting days” – recommended specialist.
The nutritionist believes that days of fasting to effectively use the juice of raw pumpkin pulp, and blend the pumpkin with carrots, apples and celery in salads. Pumpkin has lots of vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body. Especially helpful pumpkin people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, inflammation of the gall bladder or gastrointestinal tract.

The pumpkin has very few calories in raw vegetable – 22 calories in braised pumpkin – 24. A pumpkin, according to experts, can be recommended as a major component of fasting days and diet – this vegetable can and should be used want to lose weight. The pumpkin has a high glycemic index and if it enters the body does not allow glucose to rise – for this reason you can use pumpkin even diabetics, as it activates the body’s own production of insulin.

But raw diabetes to use the pumpkin flesh is already not recommended, as the low acidity of the stomach, ulcer, gastritis and disease of the duodenum. People with the problem of intestinal colic from pumpkin dishes should be abandoned altogether.
In addition, it should be remembered that pumpkin diet and fasting days on the pumpkin is contraindicated in pregnant women, nursing mothers and adolescents. Additional recommendations about the use of pumpkins can be found on the website of Roskoshestvo.

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