Parsley juice and lemon helps to lose weight

Scientists have found that slimming effect can be achieved available method, namely using the beverage, including juice parsley and lemon. According to scientific experts, the combination of the juices of parsley and lemon promotes efficient fat burning and elimination of toxins.

To prepare a drink that effectively supports weight loss have parsley juice to combine with lemon juice in equal proportions and diluted with water. Parsley juice and lemon will bring the excess fluid, to reduce the amount of adipose tissue, get rid of edema. Also it helps to lose weight that reduces hunger, accelerates saturation during meals. A cocktail of juices of parsley and lemon unless contraindicated experts suggest to use twice a day for half a glass between meals.

According to experts, the juice of parsley is particularly effective if you want to lose weight primarily by eliminating excess belly. Parsley contains the polysaccharide inulin, which helps to reduce blood sugar levels, as well as folic acid, activating blood circulation. In addition, the juice of parsley is a positive effect on thyroid function and adrenal problems, which often become the cause of growing weight.

As for lemon juice, increased the concentration of citric acid in it stimulates digestion, reacts with the enzymes and removes toxins from the body. Flavonoids contained in the juice and pulp of lemon, help to lose weight, as they accelerate the metabolism and stimulate the excretion of excess cholesterol. Lemon juice is characterized by large amount of vitamins like A, b and D, its use reduces the risk to get diabetes

The researchers note that weight loss is not necessary to buy expensive tools with chemical components.

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