Obsessed with the gym, men are more likely to suffer from depression

Obsessed with the gym, men have an increased risk of depression. And because of it they become victims of alcoholism and use of illegal steroids.

Today, the culture of the gym and men’s muscles became especially popular in society, so hundreds of thousands of men buy tickets. For some, going to the gym turns into a real obsession, as they are eager to have a great body. New research scientists from the Norwegian Institute of science and technology showed that this kind of obsession with the gym significantly increases the risk of men to face depression. Almost 10% of men that have passed through the survey had the perception disorder of the body, because they were too fat and wanted to look more athletic.

Paradoxically, but due to this disorder they are much more often indulged in drinking on the weekends, started a diet or had used anabolic steroids, and depressed. This is the first study that examined the relation of men to their muscles. Scientists believe that science is need to mobilize more resources in order to help the growing number of men, faced with the disorders of body perception and depression because of this. In General, the authors of this study interviewed 2 400 Americans aged 18 to 32 years. The researchers were interested in the frequency of visiting the gym and the body.

It turned out that gym obsessed men are almost four times more likely to use legal and illegal supplements, and anabolic steroids for building muscle. More than one third of men tried to sit down a diet for the last year, which had no relation to obesity or excess weight. Curiously, if the majority of women go on a diet because you think you’re too full, then most men are on a diet due to the fact that they consider themselves too thin. (READ MORE)